What makes a good workout?

No, it’s not the head-to-toe matching athleisure getup or the mirror selfie with the perfect lighting (eye roll)… Chances are it begins with your fuel.

Food and music are the big ones for me.

Let’s start with food.

I’m your typical lazy girl with not a whole lot of patience when it comes to meal prep. Ok, zero patience. What I want in a pre-workout snack is quick and easy… And tasty of course. My go-tos are Cliff bars and smoothies. Although I recently learned on a team hike from one of our leaders that I shouldn’t eat many Cliff bars if I want to poop on Mount Kilimanjaro during our 8 day hike.
*Side note: Hikers tend to have this weird comfort when it comes to talking about BMs. Sorry not sorry.

My smoothies tend to follow the same pattern: A couple blobs of Greek yogourt (vanilla’s my fave), any kind of frozen fruit, a banana if I happen to have one at the time, a scoop of whey protein and a splash of water to make it nice and liquid-y. Thirty seconds later in my Magic Bullet and I’m ready to rock.














Cliff bars, for me, are just an easy-to-grab-running-out-the-door kind of thing. I’m sure there are other bars that have less sugar, the proper amount of fibre and are overall healthier but they’re delicious and do the trick for me and my fussy low-blood sugar bod. Now, let’s all say a little prayer that they don’t screw me over on Killy.

Let’s dive into music.

Looking at me you may not expect that my all time favorite genre of music to work out to (and to listen to in my car… And on the dock…) is Latin dance music. Sean Paul? Yes please. Pitbull? Oh Hell yeah. Don Omar? Daddy Yankee? Yaaaaas.

Like books, taste in music tends to be pretty personal but I’m always up for recommendations. Over the past year or so I’ve expanded my taste in genres and (GASP!) completely stopped listening to Country music (yes, Mary Anne knows this- no, it hasn’t negatively effected our friendship). Maybe once bro-Country becomes extinct I’ll get back into it. Until then I’m wide open to new artists/bands/styles of music so if you’ve just discovered your new fave then pass it along my way! I’m working on a few playlists for our trip and would love some help. I started my Killy playlist with a theme but now it’s just a shmorgasbord of genres, tempos and moods.

I’ve made the playlist a collaborative one so if you’re a Spotify user, please please, PLEASE search Vicky Castledine, find my ‘Killy’ playlist and go nuts. The more the merrier!


Vicky Castledine

Vicky is a Content Marketing Manager from Monday to Friday and a trail runner/ book lover/ dog hugger/ wilderness explorer after 5 PM and on weekends.

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