About Us

Hi! My name is Victoria but I’ll also respond to: Vicky, Tor, Toria, Ricky, Rick, Rickster and Ricky-Bobby. I’m a cottage kid at heart, an avid runner, an outdoor enthusiast and I have a healthy yet real addiction to books. Born and raised in Ottawa, I’ve seen the progress this city has made over the years and feel personally offended when I hear someone mutter the words “Ottawa’s boring”. There’s so much to offer in this country’s beautiful capital; go explore! I’m a Content Marketing Manager by day and self- claimed travel agent, planning my next adventure by night.


Mary Anne
I’m just a small town farm girl who ended up in the beautiful city of Ottawa . After moving several times, I call Ottawa home along with my boyfriend Matt and amazing dog Bruce. I took up hiking in my early 20’s, after my sister took me up a grueling (for me at the time) hike up Moose Mountain in the Canadian Rockies. Ever since then, hiking has been my happiness, clarity, and passion as I escape to the Gatineau Hills and Adirondacks as often as humanly possible. My equal love to hiking is my career – afternoon drive radio personality on Ottawa’s New Country 94.