This might have been the easiest list to write ever – our favourite local hikes in Gatineau Park.  It’s the closest and best hiking in the Ottawa vicinity, and only a quick 15 minute drive over the Quebec border from downtown.

Don’t forget to hit up one of the cute spots in Chelsea for a post-hike coffee or lunch. Our personal favourites include Chelsea Pub and Biscotti & Cie.


1. Wolf Trail/Blanchet  


















Starting Point: Gatineau Park, P13
Distance: 8.3 km
Time it took us: 2 Hours 15 Mins
Level of Difficulty: Little Tricky

This is hands down our favourite trail in Gatineau Park.  It’s a good distance for a weekend morning workout, but not too grueling that you’re sore for days.  It also some fantastic views while you rest and eat your snacks.


2. Luskville Falls  














Starting Point: 
Luskville Falls Picnic Area
Distance: 4.5 km
Time It Took Us: 1.5 to 2.5 (depending on route)
Level of Difficulty: Little Tricky

This is a good trail for burning calories. It’s a good distance, and perhaps the steepest trail in Gatineau Park.  If you’re working on that booty, this is the trail for you.


3. Lusk Caves 

(My spider bitches)
(My spider bitches)

Start: Parent Beach Parking
Distance: 12 km
Time It Took Us: 4 Hours
Level of Difficulty: Eezy Peezy

We love this trail and adventure so much, it got its own blog post.


4. Pink Lake














Starting Point: Pink Lake Parking Lot
Distance: 2.5 km
Time It Took Us: 30 mins
Level of Difficulty: Easy Peezy


Pink Lake is a perfect beginners hike, and tourists/locals love it for it’s beauty (P.S. It’s not actually pink, more like an emerald colour).


5. Carbide Willson Ruins 












Starting Point: P11, O’Brien Beach Parking Lot 
Distance: 3.8 km (there and back)
Time It Took Us: 1 hour
Level of Difficulty: Eezy Peezy


This place is freaking cool.  You’ll learn about the history of the Carbide Willson Ruins AND be amazed by the waterfalls running through them.  You can also continue hiking past the ruins if you want a longer hike.

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Mary Anne loves hiking, mossy rocks and her gig as a radio personality. She is in pursuit of becoming an ADK 46er and touching every mountain on planet Earth.

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